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About me

Hey there!

Image of Zlatina George, owner of Precious VAs

I go by Zee among most of my clients, but my full name is Zlatina. Currently, I reside on the beautiful seaside of Bulgaria, where I am raising my wonderful son, Ivan.

On this page, you will learn more about me, how I got here and why I do what I do. I will try to keep it short, so… let’s start.

Following my high school graduation, I had the desire to explore the world. This aspiration led me to a gratifying role as a Cabin Crew member. A decade spent as a stewardess satisfied my wanderlust, but an even more profound adventure awaited me – motherhood. Eager to be present at home and avoid lengthy travels, I set out to find an opportunity for remote work.

I embraced this transition as a chance for personal growth. Leveraging my innate tech-savviness and insatiable curiosity, I joined Upwork and initially embarked on a journey as an Online Researcher. This path gradually led me into the realm of Virtual Assistance.

Today, I am equipped to confront challenges, adapt to new tools, and provide dedicated support for you and your business. Since embarking on my freelancing journey in 2017, I have collaborated with over 26 clients from 12 different countries across the globe.